Put your life in order with My Life Locker.

Why should you buy
My Life Locker®?

Anyone who has to organize, manage and safeguard personal information will find My Life Locker® invaluable. They might be just starting out and want to safely manage their personal data or busy parents and heads of households protecting the safety of their families. My Life Locker® is perfectly timed to serve the growing elderly population as the need to organize information during lifestyle changes take precedence. My Life Locker® creates a safe repository of your life events and legacy. Enjoy peace-of-mind, knowing that if something happens to you, your family can easily find the information they need.

Sleep Easy!

You will. Knowing that your valuable life information is safe in one place gives you great peace-of-mind.

Easy to use!

Recording, using and retrieving your life records couldn�t be simpler.

Easy to buy!

At $34.95, there is no other organizational system on the market that packs more value.
A message from Creator Sandra Tisiot:
�It�s certainly not something you like to think about, but what if you did get hit by that proverbial bus? What if, all of a sudden, you�re gone � and others in your life have to try and piece together the crucial details in your life? My Life Locker® is the perfect solution in two fundamental ways: First, it puts everything important to you in one central place, so that no matter what happens, all your life details are located in one spot. Secondly, having My Life Locker® gives you incredible peace-of-mind.
Those hundreds of little details swirling around can be easily retrieved � whether it�s by you today or tomorrow, or by someone close to you at some point in the future. So, yes, My Life Locker® is extremely practical. But it�s also the great peace-of-mind it gives you that makes My Life Locker® so invaluable to have � to hold all the important details in your life.�

Sandra Tisiot,
Creator of My Life Locker®
What My Life Locker users are saying:

Sherry Ponjac
Tampa, FL

�A great deal of my time is spent on the road: planes, trains and automobiles are just a fact of my life. Having My Life Locker gives me peace of mind in not only knowing that I always have all of my important information at my fingertips, but that in case of an emergency my family and my attorney know right where to go to for the roadmap to my life. This product has streamlined my life and saved me an incredible amount of time. I only wish I�d thought of it first. Brilliant!�

Maja Solajik, Ph.D.
Ottawa, ON

�I had always procrastinated. I knew I needed to get organized but I didn�t know where to start! Then I found My Life Locker®. It gave me the perfect, efficient tool to complete a task I had always viewed as the most daunting. The book and its lockers guided me systematically and enabled me in a user-friendly manner to quickly gather my all-important life information. My father always said, �It is never a waste of time to have important information at your fingertips; take whatever time is needed.�