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It’s not just a book, and it�s not only for the elderly or seriously ill. It�s an amazing, practical tool for anyone who wants to organize and store all their important �facts of life� somewhere safe and easily accessible.

With My Life Locker®, your family won’t be left scrambling to find your Social Insurance Number, your lawyer, the name of your insurance company, the second cousin who’s supposed to get your antique crystal vase . . . you get the picture. They can grieve in peace and focus on saying goodbye, comforted by the knowledge that the essential but tedious details are taken care of.

My Life Locker® Book


An organizational workbook. We've done all the work for you. We've gathered all the details of your life and laid them out into 4 sections/lockers. You simply record the information and voila, all your life’s details are in one spot for you today, or someone in your family later.

Anyone who has to organize, manage and safeguard personal information will find My Life Locker® invaluable.

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My Life Locker® Digital

MyLifeLocker has teamed up with LegalWills.ca & USLegalWills.com.

My Life Locker has gone digital. It is now available through LegalWills.ca and USLegalWills.com as a customizable app which users can tailor to their individual circumstances, print in pdf form, and update as needed through a secure login.

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What My Life Locker users are saying:

Amanda Farris
Ottawa, ON

"Finally there is a product available that puts all of life's important elements into one spot. As the mother of young children and daughter of aging parents, this book is exactly what our family needs to keep track of important life, health and emergency information."

R. Mark Alcorn, CA, CFO
District Realty Corporation, Brokerage Ottawa

"My Life Locker® is an exhaustive and complete system for organizing and logging all of the important information in one's life. The approach and layout is very simple and logical yet so effective. Finally, a flexible and complete system that gathers all of your personal, investing, family, assets, professional, work and business information into one concise location for future reference."