The secret to organization: My Life Locker's four sections

Locker One: Me & My Family

Locker One includes information about you, your spouse/partner, your children, health, your pets and the important people in your life.

Locker Two: My Important Things

Locker Two includes information about your home(s), car(s), and all those tangible items in your life. The list is comprehensive, and further includes your important documents and precious items.

Locker Three: My Valuable Money

Locker Three includes information about all your accounts, investments, retirement information, insurance, loans, credit cards and more money stuff.

Locker Four: My Everything Else

Locker Four includes your professional service providers, internet accounts, membership rewards, your travel and adventures.
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What My Life Locker users are saying:

William First
Ottawa, ON

"Despite its appearance, My Life Locker® is not a book; it's a tool… a magnificent life tool. I have spent my lifetime � even as a child � being extremely organized, but never as organized as this system has shown me how to be. I have always known where all of my important information was (wills, investments, bank statements, passwords etc.) but if needed, in an emergency; my family would spend frantic hours searching for this information because it was all under my "system." With this brilliant Life Locker, everything is in one place and it makes it simple, not only for me to find, but for my family to find it as well, if necessary. This has alleviated a great deal of worry because finally everything is where it should be and everyone who should know now knows where to find it. Thank you Sandra Tisiot."

Shawn Watson, 2nd VP
Women's Business Network of Ottawa

"No more excuses now! Someone has done the hard work and is providing us with the organization we've dreamed of. Easy to use, My Life Locker® gives you security that all of your important personal information is one place and accessible whenever needed. There is no system as thorough and complete as My Life Locker and the peace of mind it will give you is utterly priceless."