Sandra Tisiot: Creator and Author of My Life Locker
Sandra is a former professional dancer, and holds Bachelor and Masters degrees. After impressive achievements in business and the arts throughout North America, she has settled in Ottawa, Canada, where she continues to enjoy success in the financial sector. As a single mom to her son Dante, Sandra often found herself worrying about what might happen to him if she were out of the picture.

So she decided to collect and compile her important information, and was surprised by how less stressed and more confident this made her feel… and thus My Life Locker® was born. She spent two years refining the idea, and is continually thinking about how it could be improved so more people can benefit.
When one of Sandra's friends died, it took his family over a year, and a lot of effort, to finalize his estate. They were exhausted, and still weren't sure they had found everything. Another friend's father got dementia and the family had a terrible time, since he was unable to tell them where things were. Both families now use My Life Locker® faithfully to record and track all their important information.

Everyone wants security and peace-of-mind. With My Life Locker®, that's exactly what you get.

Sandra's Community Reach:
Co-Founder: Charity
President: Eastern Ontario Women in Finance Association
Founder/President: Annual in Ottawa

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What My Life Locker users are saying:

Richard Logan
Ottawa, ON

"My Life Locker® is personal information management at its best! With it I will always have the right information in the right place; in the right form; and complete enough to meet all my current personal needs. As one of those "older persons" whose life has drastically changed recently, I welcome a system that gives me peace of mind. No more lost time performing error prone tasks in order to get things done."

Amal Rashid
Ottawa, ON

"We love My Life Locker®. We have all our important details in it. Passport numbers. Health card numbers. Important telephone numbers. We also have written down some important family health history which may be important knowledge for our children in the future. It is so great to have all our information in one place.
Thanks again!"